Whether you are looking for simple off the shelf products, metals, electronics or complex projects with multiple phases we are the right partner to have in China.

Product Sourcing

Drop Shipping or Amazon FBA / China.
You sell your items in any eCommerce platform, we will find your items anywhere in China and we will keep you updated throughout the entire process!

Supplier Vetting

Quality Control & Negotiation.
Using the best supplier research techniques and strategies we make sure to find you a trustworthy supplier that will provide the highest quality of products to send to you within the fastest timeframes.


Shipment Tracking & Fulfillment.
Delivery of freight from China to most countries globally reducing costs to save you time & money.

More Services

Tell us what products you need, we’ll quote you urgently please call us directly.
Our experienced local Chinese team can evaluate your factory’s true conditions and minimize risks from the beginning.
We can represent your brand presentations by speaking to your suppliers to private label the products.
We have long term trusted relationships with assembly facilities in various fields of manufacturing requiring final assembly either at one of the key suppliers or at a 3rd party facility.
China is more often associated with inexpensive production than with Product Development therefore it. makes more sense to not only manufacture but also to develop your product here.
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Companies in China is one way that many companies are implementing successful warehouse solutions in China by outsourcing to a global forwarding provider or third party logistics (3PL) company to help them establish, execute, and facilitate their outsourced warehouse solution.
Whether you need OEM, ODM or a mix of many items in one container, we can help you save a lot of work and cost.
Multiple stages such as office based research and supplier verification including physical audits of the shortlisted suppliers.
Pre-Production, In Process and Container Loading Inspections to allow that with all the time, effort and money that has been spent to get to this point, it is critical to ensure your goods are going to arrive in pristine condition.
We assess each project and select the most suitable facility based on quantities and target prices.